How to Switch the Shower Stall – Home Remodeling Bathroom Jobs


There are several fairly easy home improvement jobs that could improve the appearance and feel of rooms in your house. A replacement of a classic, dull looking shower room could make any bathroom look a lot more visually pleasing. You can now easily replace a shower room without the help of a specialist utilizing a prefabricated shower stall. There are a few tips that can help anyone planning to undertake this home renovation bathroom project.

As with every home remodeling job, you have to be prepared. Before you start the work, make sure that all the needed equipment are handy. A one piece, prefabricated shower unit can be purchased at any home improvement center. Shower and tub adhesive, along with caulk and galvanized screws would be required to secure the shower stall in position. Concrete nails, a hammer, as well as shims can be required for assisting to even out the bottom of the system.

Before you decide to remove the old stall, be sure you shut off control device on the water supply line to avoid incidents or any damages upon the system installation. The current shower stall can be taken out by simply cutting down the caulking with a utility knife and using a flat pry bar to separate the particular panels out of the wall. A jigsaw can be used to trim the panels into smaller pieces, which might make for a simpler disposal.

frameless shower enclosure installationPut the preformed shower unit in place and use a level to be certain that the base is even. In case it is unlevel, shims may be used to level it out. The shims must be nailed to the cement surface utilizing concrete nails. Right after ensuring the unit is level, remove it from the area to put on the adhesive. The shower and tub adhesive must be put on the bottom of the system and then placed on the concrete base. Prior to sealing the system in place, be certain that the drain hole is positioned straight over the drain pipe.

Holes must be then drilled into the panel walls of premade shower along the wall studs. Galvanized screws must be mounted securely thru every hole and to the wall studs. Finally, apply caulk on the edges of the shower unit to maintain it enclosed tight.

Self-executed home improvement projects are a great way to spruce up any sort of home while continue to saving money. Premade shower stalls help your home improvement bathroom tasks much more simple. Following some ideas whenever setting up such shower enclosures could help the ultimate result to appear as professional as is possible.