Quartz Bathroom Vanities – Pros and Cons


bathroom-countertopsAmong the hottest fashions in counter tops nowadays is the utilization of quartz. It is widely used for both kitchen counter tops and as well as for bathroom vanities and can be used to work with almost any decorating style. However just what are the benefits of quarts bathroom vanities over another choice? Is the difference worth the money? In case you have wondered about either of such questions then have a couple of minutes to think about the pros and cons of selecting quartz bathroom vanity.

The Advantages of Quartz for any Bathroom Vanity

• Quartz is a processed item that can be a lovely addition to your home. Since it is a produced product, you can buy it in virtually any color you desire, in addition to being designed to mimic the look of natural stones. In fact, it is available in a lot more colors compared to natural stones like marble or granite.

• Quartz counter tops are just as sturdy as granite or concrete countertops, but can take more usage. Like for example, the quartz bathroom vanity can stand up to drop items, so you doesn’t have to be concerned with chips or cracks.

• Quartz is extremely non-porous thus stains like wine, juice, tomato, oil, makeup, coffee or any other products will not stain the surface.

• Not just are stains uncommon, however quartz countertops also can stand against bacteria or viruses.

• Compared with granite counter tops, it is not necessary to seal and then reseal quartz countertops.

• Quartz is available in pre-made vanity top layouts.

Cons of Utilizing Quartz Bathroom Vanities

• Quartz countertops aren’t something for the typical DIYer to handle. The set up process demands specific equipment and knowledge so it would be necessary to get a professional.

• Even though resistant to stains and bacteria, quartz isn’t as resistant to heat as some other countertop choices, therefore when you use heat-based hairstyling items, you will need to possess a cooling pad where to put these things upon completing your look.

• Quartz could be damaged by chemicals with high alkaline/PH levels such as drain cleaners, and also substances just like bleach and abrasive cleaning products. Additionally, you will not wish to use abrasive cleaners on your quartz bath room vanity top as that can lead to dulling its beautiful, gleaming finish.

• Quartz is more expensive than other choice in bathroom or kitchen vanity tops. In truth, it could run from around $115 – $200 per sq . ft .

• While not always a weak point, quartz is considered by many people to be a modern day countertop covering.

Quartz bathroom vanities are a fantastic option if you’re searching for any counter top to make you feel that you’ve stepped into your own personal spa. They will offer a fashionable accent and magnificence to just about any decor and could be installed with relative ease by the expert. So, make your decision and get ready to enjoy a lovely spa escape directly in your own house.