Steam Proofing Guide for Your Shower Cabin

A steam shower is an ideal means for anyone to relax their tired body right after a long tough day. A steam generator squeezes clouds of steam right into a shower cabin and this steam reinvigorates the body leaving behind your muscles comfortable and beginning to feel like new. The sole way that all this could occur is when the shower room enclosure is correctly sealed so that it allows for a buildup of steam inside the stall. In the event the room is not correctly sealed then all of the steam will just keep leaking out and then the accumulation will never be achieved. This is why it’s important to steam proof your cabin properly.

alto shower squeegeeFirst thing that you need to do is to ensure that the ceiling on the steam room is set up at an angle. Many people make the mistake of installing the roofing of this stall perfectly horizontal. The issue with not placing the ceiling at an angle is that as the vapor rises to the ceiling, it will condense on the ceiling. This condensed water will then fall down cold into your shoulders messing up the entire spa-experience.

The next thing that you have to do would be to take care of the wood framing. These must be secured so that they do not decay as time passes leading to unnecessary issues. An easy solution will be to cover it up with a few sheets of the plastic ideally 6-mil. Make certain to staple them on the studs and also the joists as well. The plastic must overlap all the frames edges by at least 1 foot.

There are a few seams which you will find in the middle of the concrete backer-board panels. With any luck, moisture still will not affect them. Seal them off with mesh tape and also put a little thinset.

The next thing that you would like to take care of is waterproofing the entire backer board. Leaving behind one inch unfastened could mess up everything. There are 2 things that you can choose from to perform the particular waterproofing. You can get a roll-on LIQUID polymer. There are various kinds you could choose. You will need to apply two coats that will finish up drying into something which is similar to a rubber. It will have no stitches and nowhere for the water to pass through. An excellent one to utilize is the Laticrete’s Hydro-Ban. The other choice is to get flocked polyethylene. A good solution is the Kerdi Membrane that’s very easily obtained manufactured by Schutler systems. You will then embed these sheets into some wet thinset in order to seal off the back boarder.

You then want to begin tiling as what you typically would. When you have decided that you’re going to utilize stone, you’ll have to go that step further and then add impregnator to make sure that it is completely sealed off. This is something you would have to do on a regular basis in ranges of every two years.

Last but not least, you want to ensure that all of the fixtures that come from the stone or tile are also sealed off. You can utilize O-rings or gaskets for this.
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